Our track record as founders

We were there, building game-changing companies for every major technology wave of the past 30 years. Now we’ve joined forces and are ready to change the face of entrepreneurship.

As founders we've

Founded and scaled 11 Companies
Raised $1.3 Billion
Secured 8 Exits
Led 2 Multi-billion dollar IPOs

We've built some exceptional companies

iskoot Logo
iSkoot pioneered mobile VOIP and application-embedded mobile devices, developing the Skype phone before selling to Qualcomm.
Sold to Qualcomm
Small World logo
Small World Sports invented online fantasy sports, building one of the five stickiest websites in the world before selling to Paul Allen’s The Sporting News.
Sold to The Sporting News
Flurry Logo
Flurry was the world’s largest mobile data analytics company that provided analytics solutions for businesses to monitor the trends and habits of mobile users across multiple mobile applications.
Sold to Yahoo!
Guardant Logo
Guardant Health uses high-throughput genomics and AI for cancer detection and tumor characterization and is now the world's second-largest Molecular Diagnostics company.
IPO in 2018 (NASDAQ: GH)
Loopt Logo
Loopt was Sam Altman’s first startup and the developer of “social mapping,” one of the first LBS/GPS consumer apps. Loopt was the first service that allowed for selective mobile location sharing.
Sold to Greendot
Outlier Logo
Outlier AI was the world's first automated data analysis platform. Outlier helped dozens of Fortune 500 customers like Nike, Johnson & Johnson and Capital One automatically find insights in large datasets.

What people have to say

Aakrit Vaish

"The founder's journey is lonely. While the Board is there to serve the company, you need someone looking out for your best interests. Sean has played that role for me for almost a decade. He is my first call when faced with a big decision. He has a rare skill of being able to understand the nuance behind the situation and break it down nicely like a math problem."

Robert Romano

"Sean has been a mentor for me through two startups now, and he's always the person I go to when I truly need intuitive clarity around a subject. He does a masterful job at simplifying any challenge that founders face, including rapid scaling, founder conflict, and team culture. He gives the kind of advice you just can't find in a book and only comes from extensive experience. He also always gets right to the point, uncovering the core of your issue before you even realize it."

Lorraine Ma

“Mike was critical in our journey of finding product/market fit and honing our pitch to raise our first round. As first-time founders of color, we often relied on Mike's empathy and honesty to help us navigate the emotional challenges of building a startup.”

Cyriac Roeding

“I’ve known Mark for 15 years, from mobile to biotech. Mark is that extraordinary individual who can lead a venture studio to breakthrough success. He sets high targets, dives deep, and moves fast. He knows which flaws in a concept or startup are fixable and – importantly – which aren’t. He reads people’s potential exceptionally well. He uniquely bridges the 0-to-1 and 1-to-n phases of startups. And perhaps most importantly, he is a really good human being with strong values.”

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