We’re here to build with you however you need us.

Our partners become your founding team, rolling up our sleeves and doing the work alongside you. Yes, we give advice. But we also write code. Build Figma mockups. Call customers. Everything it takes to help you get from 0 to 1.

We’ve been there and we’ve got the experience to back it up.

We understand firsthand the hard work needed to transform your idea into a reality. You're tapping into the collective experience of founders who’ve built multiple industry-defining companies valued at billions of dollars. Our team offers the unparalleled expertise to uniquely position your AI startup for success.

This is a fund about founders and relationships

See how we’ve worked with founders like you
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Aakrit Vaish

"The founder's journey is lonely. While the Board is there to serve the company, you need someone looking out for your best interests. Sean has played that role for me for almost a decade. He is my first call when faced with a big decision. He has a rare skill of being able to understand the nuance behind the situation and break it down nicely like a math problem."

Carlos Vega

“Sean unlocked my growth and enjoyment along the Founder/CEO journey. At our company, we can use his frameworks for everything, including how we hire execs, create our operating plans, and carry out our all hands. Sean will always be my first call.”

Scott Xiao

“Mark is an exceptional advisor and mentor for early-stage founders. He provides a rare combination — a wealth of experience across multiple industries, the ability to translate his learnings to help each company's unique challenges, and the empathy to meet founders where they are. Luminopia has benefited tremendously from having Mark involved since the early days; any other company would as well.”

Amit Bhatia
Data People

“Sean has been the best coach I have ever had. As a founder-CEO, I find it incredible to be coached by someone who has experienced that specific journey multiple times. His clarity of thought and depth of questions was transformative in my journey to scale my company over the last year.”

Ways we will help

We’re iterative. Through rapid experimentation, we take your idea to new heights and explore options you didn’t even know were possible.
It takes hundreds of customer interviews to validate your customer/problem/solution/thesis. We’ll teach you to interview (and how to find your customers), perform interviews ourselves (and with you), and help interpret the results.
Market Analysis
User Interviews
Data-Driven Insights
Learn about the 80+ interviews we helped Andrew of Sleuth conduct with potential customers
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We help design your product, from storyboards to Figma designs to the core technologies and architecture. Our team has designed over a dozen award-winning product interfaces and holds dozens of patents.
Product Interface
IP Strategy
Figma Designs
See how 30 product design directions contributed to finding the best approach for Sleuth
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We help build your product, turning your designs into reality so that you can test it with real customers in the real world. We’ve built products used by billions of people, so we know how to make quick prototypes and internet-scale systems.
Product Development
Quality Assurance Testing
Learn more about how we built Sleuth’s AI-powered processing systems
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Launching your product is just the beginning of your journey, and we're with you every step of the way. We're not satisfied until you reach your first customers, achieve product-market fit, and succeed in the marketplace.
Market Research
Lead Generation
Performance Optimization
Explore our strategy that helped Sleuth acquire their first customer
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We don’t just stop there; we also offer comprehensive support in more essential business areas to ensure your startup's success. We can address any challenge your startup might face.
Sales & Marketing
Learn about the unique solution we provided to Sanctum to evolve a compelling roadmap for its platform
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Compared to the other guys...

We’re not afraid to say we’re different. We’re a better solution for founders in early-stage ventures.
Near Horizon infographic chart showing the difference between Near Horizon and Accelerators and Venture Studios. Near Horizon is the sweet spot that helps you own your own company and has deep hands on help.
Near Horizon infographic chart vertical layout for mobile showing the difference between Near Horizon and Accelerators and Venture Studios. Near Horizon is the sweet spot that helps you own your own company and has deep hands on help.


In this section, you'll find quick answers to some of the common questions we get, offering insight into what working with Near Horizon looks like for startup founders.

How involved will Near Horizon be in the day-to-day operations of my startup?
What kind of startups does Near Horizon typically work with?
Do I need a fully developed product to partner with Near Horizon?
What types of AI technologies does Near Horizon specialize in?
Is there anything Near Horizon won’t do for me?
What if it’s not working?
What are your criteria for choosing entrepreneurs to work with?

Still have questions?

Contact our team to see if your startup would be a right fit for Near Horizon, you’re curious about our process, or you want to share your business idea and are ready to get to work!

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